Why Are Cats Born With Their Eyes Closed, And When Do They Open Them?


Why Kittens’ Eyes Are Closed?

Kitten’s eyes are undeveloped at birth. They need a few days to develop their eyes enough to open their lid.

What Happens With Kitten’s Eyes In The First Two Weeks?

The majority of kittens will not open their eyes until day 8 at least. After the lids are unsealed, kittens need 2 to 3 days to open their eyes fully, which will probably happen around the 14th day.

When Are Kittens Eyes Fully Developed?

Kittens are able to see their mother at the end of the third week. Their sight will be cleared up around week 5, but it will not be completely developed until week 10.

Kittens Eyes Are Sensitive

Kitten’s eyes are extremely delicate, and they can easily get infected in their first 6 weeks.  So, you shouldn’t force them to open their eyes in this period, nor touch them.  If you notice that there is discharge or swelling, call your vet immediately.

Kitten’s Eyes Will Be Blue, But Not For Long

All newborn kittens have blue eyes, but they develop their true eye color later on.  This usually happens around the 7th week