Why Are Cats Afraid Of Balloons - 3 Reasons

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Balloons - 3 Reasons


1. Ballons Look Like Predators

Cat’s that are afraid of balloons aren’t taking the time to analyze the balloon; instead, they just know there’s something moving and flying around.

2. Balloons Make Very Strange Sounds

As if being a UFO wasn’t enough to make balloons frightening for cats, these unusual flying objects are also capable of making some very strange noises.

3. The POP!

Just when they started to think that their balloon fear was a bit out of proportion…the thing explodes on them!

Do Balloons Present Any Real Danger To Cats?

The biggest risk when it comes to balloons is ingestion and the rubber or latex material can easily get stuck in a cat’s digestive tract.

Should I Worry About My Cat’s Fear Of Balloons?

For the most part, this fear isn’t a big deal and the solution is just to avoid bringing home balloons which I can’t imagine would be an issue.