Where Should I Put My Cat’s Water Bowl? 7 Tips

1. Look For A Quiet Location

The best place would be a placee where your cat feels safe, and where are no many people coming in and out.  Another useful thing to do would be to put the bowl somewhere up high.

2. Keep Water Bowls Away From The Litterbox

Your cat’s water should always be clean and away from the litterbox!

3. Keep Water Bowls Away From Food

Cats can be picky about drinking water, so, it would be good to keep the little floating kibbles away from their water bowls.

4. Offer Multiple Locations

Some cats might like to have multiple places to drink water from.

5. Create A “Cats Only” Water Bowl

If you have other pets, make sure your cat has a water bowl that’s only hers.

6. Separate Locations For Each Cat

If you have multiple cats, it’s best to have at least one water bowl for each cat.

7. Set It And Forget It

Once you find the perfect location for your cat’s water bowl – don’t change it!  Your cat will get into the routine of knowing where her water bowl is.