Where Should I Put My Cat Tree To Fully Satisfy My Pet's Needs?


Location Importance

You should put a cat tree in a socially significant part of your home. Your cat always wants to know what’s going on with you, so, she will be happy to have a nice view over her folks from her cat tree.

The View Importance

You should put a cat tree in a place with a nice view on the window. Cats will be happy to see what’s going on outside. Watching people and other animals outside is a great form of mental stimulation for cats. Also, they will enjoy sunshine!

Cat’s Territorial Habits

Cats are naturally territorial animals, and they show this behavior by scratching. Cat tree is great tool for redirect cat’s desire to scratch to a more appropriate area.  Area such as living room are all cats’ preferred territory!

Consider The Spot Your Cat Likes Best

Your cat probably has her favorite spot in your home. Consider putting the cat tree in this area to make your happy!

For Cat Parents Who Want To Fix Behaviors

If you want to prevent your cat climbing counters, you should put the cat tree in the area close the counters.

What Would Be The Best Location For A Cat Tree?

A bedroom, a living room, or a dining room.

What Locations Are Not Eligible For A Cat Tree?

Garages, laundry rooms, and similar places that have no windows and that will make your cat feel bored and alone.