When To Euthanize A Cat With Seizures? Everything You Need To Know


It will all depend on the cause of seizures in a cat.  A cat that has seizures due to epilepsy will not need to be euthanized.  If a cat has been diagnosed with brain cancer, the vet might advice euthanizing as the best option.

When Is Time To Say Goodbye?

Seizures are abnormal electrical activities that happen in the cat’s brain causing felines to have symptoms like convulsing, puking, and drooling.  Some seizures are longer and more intense, while some cats only have short, mild seizures.

How Does Seizures Affect A Cat?

  1. Ingestion of human   medications    2. Trauma to the head    3. Epilepsy   4.Pathological   problems

What Are The Possible Causes Of Seizures In Cats?

This will depend on the cause of seizures.   If a cat has primary brain tumor, it can be removed with a surgery, prolonging her life 28 to 54 months.  Sadly, cat with a secondary brain tumor isn’t likely to survive more than a month.

How Long Do Cats With Seizures Live?

If you have taken your cat to the vet, and he can’t determine the cause of the seizures, he will probably prescribe medications to manage seizures.

How To Treat Seizures?

Seizures alone don’t represent a great risk of death for cats.   Furthermore, if you’re sure that your cat isn’t seriously ill, then you can be sure that the seizure won’t kill her.

Can A Seizure Itself Kill A Cat?

• If her quality of life has deteriorated  • When the tumor is secondary brain tumor and there is no chance of survival • When the cat has stopped eating completely • When hospice care and treatment are no longer working

When To Euthanize A Cat With Brain Tumor?