What To (Not) Feed Stray Cats


It is important to feed stray cats a nutritious diet to help them stay healthy and strong.  Stray cats may not have access to the same resources as domesticated cats, so it is important to provide them with a balanced diet to meet their needs.

What To Feed Stray Cats?

These are some options that will be beneficial for stray cats:

What To Feed Stray Cats Do’s

1. Tuna

2. Chicken, beef, lamb

3. Plain rice & eggs, sweet potato

These are some options you should avoid:

What To Feed Stray Cats – Don’ts

1. Milk

2. Dog food

3. Most veggies & fruits

• Approach the cat cautiously

What Should I Do If I Find A Stray Cat?

• Check for injuries

• Determine if the cat is microchipped

• Provide temporary shelter

• Contact an animal welfare organization

• Cat food

What Should I Feed My Stray Cat To Keep It Healthy?

• Cooked boneless meat

• Cooked grains

• Cooked eggs