What Should I Do If My Cat Has Diarrhea But Seems Fine?


The majority of cat diarrhea resolves on its own within a few hours or days without medical attention.  Diarrhea in felines can be caused by several reasons, such as a change in nutrition, parasites, stress, or an intestinal infection.

My Cat Has Diarrhea But Seems Fine – Why?

• Loose, watery stool

What Are The Symptoms Of A Cat With Diarrhea?

• Increased frequency of bowel movements

• Abdominal discomfort or cramping

• Loss of appetite

• Dehydration

• Vomiting

• Weight loss

• Blood or mucus in the stool

1. Monitor your cat’s condition

What Should I Do If My Cat Has Diarrhea?

2. Make sure your cat has access to fresh, clean water to prevent dehydration

3. Withhold food for 12-24 hours

4. Gradually reintroduce food starting with small amounts of a highly digestible diet

Consult your veterinarian if diarrhea in your cat persists for more than a day.  The vet will undertake physical examination of your cat, as well as laboratory tests, or endoscopy or biopsy if needed.

When To Contact A Vet?

How To Keep My Cat Diarrhea Free?

1. Feed a high-quality, balanced diet

2. Keep your cat’s environment clean and free of potential contaminants

3. Provide fresh, clean water for your cat to drink at all times

4. Keep up with regular veterinary check-ups

5. Vaccine your cat on time