What Runt Of The Cat Litter Means Exactly?


What Is A Runt?

Runt is a malnourished and weak kitten, usually pushed around by their stronger siblings. Runts find it harder to reach their mother for food and warmth.

Is There Always A Runt In A Cat  Litter?

Every birth is different and there are many factors that determine how  healthy the offspring will be. If a mother cat is taken care of, then it’s quite possible that all her litter  will be the same size and healthy.

Do Runt Kittens Stay Small?

The runt is usually weaker and might not be able to develop properly. It might also have congenital  defects. Of course, some runts manage to survive, especially with the  attention they get from people.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Runt

There are some obvious runt kitten  characteristics,  such as:  - Small size  -Weaknesses  -Disabilities  - Inability or difficulty to have food

Is It Bad To Get The Runt Of The Litter?

Life as a runt might be more difficult, especially at the start. Because of their size, runts are often very noticeable and while this feature might not be so  appealing to their mother,  there are many people who’d gladly  adopt one!