What Kind Of Glue Is Safe For Cat Trees, And How To Use It?


What Kind Of Glue Is Best To Use For Cat Trees?

The best option would be Elmer’s Wood Glue. This is a non-toxic glue, easy to clean up, and cheaper than buying a new tree!  Even though it’s not toxic, you shouldn’t let your cat ingest it, since it can cause distress in her GI tract.

How To Use Wood Glue To Repair A Cat Tree

Just apply the glue to the cat tree, and then add the sisal rope or carpet. If you’re doing minor repairs, it’s not necessary to use hot glue. Once you’ve applied the glue, you’ll need to press down on the area for a few minutes.

Replacing Carpet

The carpet on cat trees usually get loose, and wood glue would be enough to repair this. But, if you need to replace a bigger area, you can pick up carpet scraps from different places – such as a big store that’s going to throw them anyway.

Replacing Sisal Rope

he sisal rope is pretty easy to get. You can find some on Amazon, and you can also use any kind of similar twine or rope material. Just make sure to use the one that’s safe for pets!

Is Elmer’s Wood Glue Considered Non-Toxic To Pets?

This glue has a near-zero VOC score, which means it releases little to no Volatile Organic Compounds.

What Glues Should You Avoid?

You should avoid glues that contain diphenylmethane diisocyanate. Once it comes in contact with gastric liquids, this glue ingestion will result in a stomach foreign body.