What Is Whisker Fatigue And How To Stop This?


This is a condition caused by the overuse and overstimulation of your cat’s whiskers.

What Is Whisker Fatigue?

Why Cats Have Whiskers?

Whiskers help your cat stay balanced. They also help your cat communicate; they are the reason why your cat looks surprised sometimes! Furthermore, whiskers protect your cat’s eyes; they act like humans’ eyelashes in some way.

What Causes Whisker Fatigue?

Eating and drinking are the most common reason for whisker fatigue in cats. This happens due to cat’s whiskers touching the sides of her food and water bowl every time she eats her meal or drinks water.

What Are The Symptoms Of Whisker Fatigue?

The most common symptom is a cat’s attempt to tip over or remove kibble from the food bowl. Also, your cat might just stare blankly at the bowl once you serve her the meal. Some cats might even get frustrated and show aggression.

How To Stop Whiskers From Fatigue?

The most efficient way to stop this is to choose whisker friendly cat bowls!