What Is Pica In Cats, And What Causes It?


This is the act of eating non-food items, such as wool, fabric, string, yarn, plants, etc.

What Is Pica In Cats?

Eating non-food items can be extremely dangerous for cats, since these items can get lodged in their intestines and require surgical removal.

The Dangers of Pica In Cats

It’s not so common; pica accounts for approximately 2.5% of abnormal behaviors in domestic cats.

How Common Is Pica In Cats?

   1. Anemia    2. Malnutrition    3. Genetics    4. Boredom    5. Compulsion    6. Feline Leukemia and             Feline Immunodeficiency         Virus

What Causes Pica in Cats?

You should consult your vet on this issue. He might advice you to remove target items, redirect your cat’s behavior, and manage boredom in her.  You might even increase fiber for your cat, since this can satisfy her craving to eat more.

How To Treat Pica In Cats?

If none of previously mentioned steps help, and your vet has ruled out medical conditions, it’s time for you to consult a feline behavioralist.

Should You Consult A Professional Feline Behavioralist?