What Is A Runt Of The Litter Cat?

What Is A Runt?

A cat with low birth weight that could also have some deformities. Runt cats could might also face motherly rejection.

What Causes A Runt Kitten?

Since cats give birth to multiple kittens, and reproduce quite often, there is a higher possibility for one of them to be a runt. This phenomenon is known as the fading kitten syndrome.

Do Runt Kittens Stay Small?

Runt kittens are likely to have congenital defects and decreased nursing ability.   Due to this, many of them will not survive at all.  Still, with proper care, runt kittens might survive and even gain normal weight.

What Are Characteristics Of A Runt Kitten?

 1. Small size  2. Weakness; the runt kitten    might even have difficulties    to move  3. Disabilities such as    undeveloped organs  4. Inability to nurse

How To Take Care For A Runt Cat

 1. You should monitor her    weight gain closely.   2. Feed this kitten with food    of top quality.   3. Give her a lot of petting    and cuddling.  4. Keep the kitten warm with    blankets and heating pads.

Should You Adopt A Runt Cat?

If the runt kitten survives, it might grow up to be a healthy cat.  Some people will even like cats like this because of their size.   If you want to give a lot of love and affection to a cat – you should definitely consider a runt cat.