What Can Cats Drink Besides Water? Are There Any Healthy Alternatives?


Should Cats Drink Anything Besides Water?

You might think your cat is bored with drinking only water. However, cats have different biological system compared to us humans, so, you should stick with the water.  Still, in some cases you might want to give her something else to try.

Your Cat Is A Carnivore

This means that liquids rich in sweets, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates are unhealthy for your cat.

Your Cat Can’t Taste Sweet

Not only cats don’t need carbohydrates in the form of sugar – they can’t even taste them!

What Are Some Alternatives Besides Water?

1. Milk from their mother    (for kittens) 2. Goat milk: this milk is    easily digested (even for    cats with lactose    intolerance) 3. Bone broth: improves    digestion, joint, and liver    health 4. Tuna juice: just avoid the    one that’s based in oil

What Kind Of Drinks Should Cats Avoid?

   1. Alcohol    2. Milk    3. Sugary drink and juices    4. Caffeine