The Complete Siamese Cat Growth Chart

3 months 6 months 9 months 1 year 3 years



2-4 pounds 3-5 pounds 6-8 pounds 7-9 pounds 10-15 pounds

Male Siamese Growth Rate

3 months 6 months 9 months 1 year 3 years



2-3 pounds 3-4 pounds 5-7 pounds 6-9 pounds 8-12 pounds

Female Siamese Growth Rate

Human contact with Siamese should begin as early as five weeks and last up to 13 weeks.  A newborn kitten needs socialization at this stage.  Siamese cats can go into heat as early as five months.

Kitten (0 To Six months)

These cats start to get much more active and mobile around the age of six months.  It won’t be until your Siamese kitten is two years old that they are considered to be an adult.

Junior (6 months To 2 years)

The Siamese will become more laid-back and mellow as it gets older.   She will still require people to pay her attention and toys to keep her occupied.  Adult Siamese cats are patient and tolerant, and they get along well with new people and pets.

Adult (2 To 10 years)

A senior Siamese is likely not to jump as high as usual, and will want to have more time for napping. She also might get anxious in new places, or around new people.

Senior (10 To 15 years)

Siamese cats old over 15 years could experience vision and hearing loss, as well as decreased ability to perform well in outdoor environments.

Geriatric (Over 15 Years)