Taste Of The Wild Cat Food Review: All Info In One Place


Product Variety: 5/10

Taste of the Wild offers only two types of wet food flavors, and seven cat food products in total.  Their focus in general is more on dry kibble rather than on wet food.

Species Appropriateness: 6.5/10

A cat food that scored high in terms of species-appropriateness is the one that features animal proteins as prominent ingredients.  Taste of the Wild is not bad in this segment, since they have an animal-based protein as the first ingredient.

Ingredient Quality: 6.5/10

This manufacturer avoids dangerous fillers in cat food.   Still, the wet food recipes use guar gum, and some cat parents want to avoid this additive.  Some of the main ingredients of this cat food are beef, lentils, sunflower oil, and salmon oil.

Price: 8.5/10

This cat food is affordable; all Taste of the wild recipes are focused on packing in as much protein as possible.  There are more plant-based proteins, but this is a part of keeping the price affordable.

Recall History: 5/10

Taste of the Wild had one major recall that dates back in 2012 after several units tested positive for salmonella.

Online Reviews Of Taste Of The Wild

Many cat owners are satisfied with the high-protein and grain-free content of the Taste of the wild cat food.  One thing some cat owners didn’t like is their cats refusal to eat the food, but, this happens with lots of cat foods!

Overall Rating For Taste Of The Wild Cat Food: