Should You Pick Scabs Off Cats Or Not?

You shouldn’t, and there are 4 explanations why picking scabs off your cat isn’t a good idea.

Should You Pick Scabs Off Cats?

A wound on a cat’s skin needs some time to heal.  If you pick the scab off the cat, you will slow down the healing process.

1. Slowing Down The Healing Process

Peeling the scab off makes the wound vulnerable to dirt and bacteria, and increases the risk of the wound becoming infected.

2. A Wound Exposed To Infection

Picking the scab off might leave a scar on the cat’s skin.   Any permanent damage on your cat’s skin can be avoided by simply not touching the scabs!

3. A Permanent Scar

Picking scabs off might look like a good way to relieve your cat’s discomfort, but this process will actually be painful and stressful for her.

4. Causing Pain In Your Cat

1. Soothe them by applying ointment that contains benzoyl peroxide or use an antibacterial soap

What To Do Instead Of Picking Scabs Off Your Cat?

2. Bandage the scabs area

3. Use a cone