Should I Board My Cat? Helpful Tips & Information!

Should I Board My Cat?

Boarding facilities, like catteries, cat hotels, and veterinary clinics, are safe and reliable environments for cats, with professional staff that will ensure your cat is properly cared for.

1. Cattery

These establishments are designed explicitly for felines to create a low-stress environment where other pets like dogs won’t aggravate their anxiety.

2. Cat Hotel

The cat hotel staff will usually pay more attention to your cat and its needs and try to keep up with the routine you’ve established at your own home.

3. Veterinary Clinics

When boarding your cat at a vet clinic, you can be sure that they’ll have on-site medical care and specialized attention from trained staff. The only drawback is that your kitty might have to spend their time in a cage.

How To Reduce Your Cat’s Stress During Boarding?

• Choose the right facility • Plan ahead • Do a trial run before the trip • Pack your cat’s essentials • Prepare your cat beforehand • Communicate with the boarders

Should You Board Your Cat or Hire A Cat Sitter?

Like most cats don’t like to travel, they most likely won’t enjoy sharing a new and unfamiliar territory. In this case, a cat sitter is a great alternative to catteries.

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Cat?

The price can vary based on your location and the type of boarding service you want; the national average for cat boarding is around $25 per night, but the price range is between $15 and $45.