My Cat Is Dying – How Long Will It Take? All You Should Know

Dying happens in two stages: the pre-active dying stage and the active dying stage.

How Long Will It Take For A Cat To Die?

This phase usually lasts three weeks. The common symptoms of this phase are the following:

Pre-Active Dying Phase

- Lack Of Grooming

- Loss Of Appetite

- Weight Loss

- Weakness

- Lethargy

You’ll probably notice the following in your cat:

Active Dying Phase

• Incontinence of urinary and fecal movements and other gastrointestinal issues

• Bradycardia

• Cat’s overall body temperature is colder

• Cat has difficulty breathing

• Terminal respiratory secretions

You should provide your cat with the following:

How To Take Care Of Your Dying Cat

1. Pain relief

2. Fluid support

3. Nutritional support

4. Symptom control

5. Cleaning up after her

6. Make physical comfort and adjustments

7. Provide emotional support


This is the hardest decision, but, if a cat has a terminal illness, this is probably the best option.  If your cat is experiencing huge pain and discomfort, you should consider euthanasia.