Learn How To Cuddle Your Pet With The Help Of This Cat Petting Chart


Cat Petting Chart

What Is The Best Way To Pet A Cat?

Cats prefer petting that goes in the same direction as their fur.   Most cats enjoy having their scent glands areas petted, which are found between their ears, at the base of their ears, on their cheeks, and under their chin.

What Should You Not Do When Petting A Cat?

1. Don’t switch directions  2. Don’t pat the cat 3. Keep your hands off    the belly 4. Carefully approach the    feet

What Can You Do To Have Successful Petting?

Give your cat a chance to sniff you before you pet her.  Wait until the cat brushes its head against you.   Pet your cat once if they come into your lap to set the tone.  Cats should be petted while lying on their side.

How To Recognize A Cat Doesn’t Want To Be Petted Anymore?

• Fidgeting • Ears flattening against    the head • Hissing or growling • Tail twitching