Is My Cat Pregnant Or Just Fat: How To Differ These Two?

5. Personality changes; some    cats might become more       loving, while some will be       more aggressive

5 Signs A Cat Is Pregnant

1. Higher calorie intake

2. Rapid weight gain   and bigger tummy

3. Nesting behavior

4. Morning sickness

3 Signs Of An Overweight Cat

1. Physical changes; if you   can't feel your cat's ribs and   spine; she is likely to be   overweight

2. Body condition score will   show a weight gain

3. Overeating and lack of   exercise will eventually lead   to obesity

Spaying/Neutering Cats

Sterilization in cats prevents certain types of cancers, and might extend the cat's lifespan.  This is also a good way to not contribute the overpopulation of stray kittens.  If you don't want your cat to reproduce, you should sterilize it!

How To Keep Cat At A Healthy Weight?

1. All cat owners who notice   their cats are obese should   consult a vet.

2. Feed your cat food rich in   proteins.

3. Try avoid giving your cat    snacks too often.

4. Get a cat tree to keep your   cat active!