Is It Okay To Spray Your Cat With Water, And Are There Any Alternatives?

Should You Spray Your Cat With Water?

You might consider this method as a way to discourage a behavior in your cat.  While this will not hurt her, it’s still not a good option, and not the best way to discourage her from destructive behavior.

Why Do Cats Hate Being Sprayed With Water?

Imagine you doing your thing, and somebody suddenly comes and sprays you with water… Not fun at all!   So, cats simply hate it because it distracts them from their intention.

What’s Wrong With Spraying Your Cat With Water?

1. Your cat might still show   bad behavior while   you’re   not there to spray   her.  2. It won’t resolve the root   cause of behavior.  3. It might be stressful for   your cat.  4. Cat might not be able   to understand she's   doing something wrong.

What To Do Instead?

The first thing to do is to understand why your cat is doing something she’s not supposed to.  If she’s jumping on counters, don’t spray her – give her some treats, or a new cat tree, since she’s probably looking for food or for a good view on your counters!