Is Black Siamese Cat Even  Real?

Black Siamese Cat

A cat needs to have pointed coats in order to be Siamese, and this happens thanks to the Himalayan gene. Since all of these cats have  some form of albinism, it is  impossible for a Siamese  to be a black cat.

The Himalayan gene is heat sensitive and causes albinism. Siamese kittens are all born white due to the high temperature in the womb. After the kittens are born, their bodies are exposed to colder temperatures, and their coat color starts to show up.


Yes, and that cat is called a seal-point Siamese cat, but most of the fur will be gray or white. A black cat might also be part Siamese if it was mixed and had kittens with other cat breeds that don’t possess recessive genes.

Is It Possible That A Black Cat Is  Part Siamese?

CFA accepts the Chocolate, Blue, Seal, and Lilac Siamese. The four purebred Siamese cat colors are Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, and Lilac Point.

Which Are The Most Common Siamese Colors?

There is no purebred black Siamese cat, so it is impossible for you to buy one. Still, you can buy a Seal Point  Siamese, which usually costs around $400 to $1000.

How Much Are Black Siamese Cats?