Learn How To Tell Which Cat Is Dominant & Much More!

What Exactly Is Dominance?

A dominant cat is an assertive cat that controls the territory, staying defensive and protecting turf. No “alpha feline” or “boss cat” is in charge of everything- that’s not what happens in the wild.

How To Tell Which Cat is Dominant

• A dominant cat might challenge another cat • A dominant cat might sit on or mount another cat • A dominant cat may spray or bunt

How Does A Cat Show Submission To Another Cat?

A cat shows submission to another cat by the way they position their body, including their ears and tail, and mighteven flatten their ears to appear smaller.

Do I Need to Stop My Cat’s Dominant Behavior?

Being dominant doesn’t always mean that your cat is acting aggressively. It’s important to consider if either of them is being harmed by the interaction.

How Can I Correct Dominant Behavior If It’s Necessary?

• Be sure your cat isn’t sick or in pain • Give cats equal (but separate) food and love • Never physically punish your cat • Encourage safe play time