How To Teach A Cat To Clean Themselves? All The Help You Need!

How To Teach A Cat To Clean Themselves?

• Brush your cat’s fur  • Use a damp cloth  • Give your cat a bath • Go to a professional pet groomer

Why Your Cat Isn’t Grooming Themselves?

There are cats that seem to have no grooming instincts whatsoever, and the question is whether being stinky is normal for some cats.

1. Your Cat Is A Kitten

Most kittens are so occupied with playing and exploring the world that they simply forget to clean themselves thoroughly.

2. Your Cat Is Old

As our cats get older, they undergo physical changes and develop conditions like arthritis, mobility issues, and painful gums that can affect their regular grooming.

3. Your Cat May Be Ill

Since grooming requires a lot of movement and flexibility, your cat might stop cleaning themselves if they experience painful joints usually caused by arthritis.