How To Select A Carrier For Your Cat  - 5 Types Of Carriers

Some shelters will give cardboard carriers to new parents during adoption, but they aren’t reusable and should only be used as temporary transport.

1. Cardboard Cat Carriers

2. Fabric Cat Carriers

They are usually less bulky, but they’re not as sturdy as plastic carriers. Nonetheless, they offer a lightweight alternative and are easy to store in small spaces.

If you pick the right-sized hard carrier, your kitty will have plenty of room to turn around and stretch, feeling safe in this sturdy enclosure.

3. Hard Plastic Cat Carriers

4. Rolling Cat Carriers And Cat Strollers

Cat strollers tend to be quite spacy and can be perfect for curious cats that enjoy looking at their surroundings in the safety of their carrier.

Obviously, they are backpacks that you wear on your back, and they usually have a window from which your kitty can observe the world around them.

5. Cat Backpacks