How To Keep Litter From Sticking To The Box  - 5 Ways

These two simple ingredients work great together since they keep the litter from sticking to the litter box, and the baking soda also helps keep the odor at bay.

1.Use Anti-Stick Spray And Baking Soda

Wax past coating will last long and it should maintain this non-sticky property for at least two or three months.

2.Use Wax Products

With this method, there’s no real way for the litter to stick to the box’s surface.

3. Use Litter Box Liner

A wise decision would be to invest in a high-quality scratch-resistant, non-stick litter box like a stainless steel litter box, specifically with a non-stick coating.

4. Choose A Non-Stick Litter Box

This automatic litter box features a self-cleaning function that uses rotation to scoop itself.

5. Invest In An Automatic Litter Box