How To Get Your Cat To Stop Begging For Food  - 5 Ways

Get An Automatic Feeder

By introducing an automatic feeder, your cat will stop associating YOU with food which means they will stop begging you.


Don’t Reward Begging…In Any Way!

Do something completely different that can’t be misinterpreted, and your cat will slowly learn that begging just doesn’t work.


Consider High Fiber Food

Fiber is essentially calorie-free, so adding fiber to a diet helps reduce caloric density, which allows the pet to eat a larger volume of food.


Try A Food Puzzle

A good food puzzle can keep your cat entertained, give them a chance to exercise, and provide them with something to focus on besides begging you for food!


Move Your Cat’s Food Bowl and Food

Put your cat’s food bowl and their food in a location that you’ll only go to for that purpose.