How To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Away? - 4 Ways

1. Have Both Wet And Dry Cat Food

If you will be away from home for a longer period of time, you should consider offering your cat dry food.  If she doesn’t like it, try introducing the dry food along with the wet food.

2. Automatic Cat Feeders

An automatic cat feeder sets the time on the internal time of the device.  Containers like these are sealed to keep the stored food fresh, and to release each meal at the set time.

3. Ask Your Relative Or A Friend For Help

All cat owners who will be away from home for a couple of days should consider asking help from somebody they trust. This should also be a person your cat knows and trusts.

4. Hire A Cat Sitter

If you can’t ask any of your people for help, you should hire a cat sitter.  Make sure this is a person willing to meet your cat’s needs.

Why Is Wet Food Beneficial For Cats?

 1. It keeps them hydrated  2. It is high in protein  3. It supports healthy    blood and tissue, and the    development of cat's    immune system  4. It is very versatile and    offers new textures and    flavors for cats