How To Block Cats From Going Under The Bed  - 3 Ways

How To Block Cats From Going Under The Bed  - 3 Ways

1. Take Them To The Vet!

If you notice hiding becomes the new norm, then this excessive behavior should be enough to make you suspicious that there’s a more serious underlying cause for such behavior.

2. Eliminate Stressors

The best way to eliminate the stressors that trigger your cat’s fight or, as in this case, flight response is by finding out what causes this behavior in the first place.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Off-limits

This might sound outrageous for those of you who sleep with your cats, and I understand that, but it might be the safest choice for your kitty.

What Not To Do!

Veterinarians cannot stress enough that punishment doesn’t work with cats; instead, it will only make things worse.

Should I Let My Cat Hide Under The Bed?

It can become a habit for some cats, and even as a short-term solution, choosing that dark space underneath your bed isn’t always safe.