How To Apologize To A Cat? - 7 ways

How To Apologize To A Cat? - 7 ways

1. Understanding What You Did Wrong

You first need to learn why your kitty got offended, so you can avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

2. Choose The Right Timing

Give your cat some space before you apologize.  Wait for a moment where your cat looks relaxed, and when her muscles aren’t tense.  Use your soft tone while talking to the cat, and make her feel safe.

3. Approach The Cat Carefully

You shouldn’t chase after your cat; instead, you should approach slowly to her.   Also, remember to get down on her level – this will make you look less threatening.

4. Speak To Your Cat

Since cats are able to recognize some words, you should try calling your cat by her name to draw her attention.  While you do this, use a high-frequency tone. Also, avoid any loud shouting.

5. Pet Your Cat

Try showing your hand to the cat; is she smells it, let her rub your hand also.  If she scratches you, then you should give your cat some more time, and not force petting.

6. Play With Your Cat

If you want to re-establish your relationship with your cat, playtime will be an essential step.  Try playing with a toy hanging from a string – this will make your cat get into her hunter’s mode immediately.

7. Treat Your Cat

If your cat is still not responding to your apology after you have tried all the previous steps – then it’s time for treats!  Reward your cat with a treat for no special reason, and wait her to respond.

How To Tell Your Cat Is Offended?

Cats will usually hide from their owners, avoid them, or even scratch and hiss at them when they are offended. Some cats might also howl to show their distress.