How Often Do Cats Blink, And Why Do They Do This At All?

How Often Do Cats Blink?

It’s not possible to answer exactly how often cats blink.  They don’t do this in the same way we do – rather, they use their third eyelid for blinking.  Many experts even refer to the cat blink as something closer to a cat squint.

Why Do Cats Blink At All?

Both people and cats have something called a menace response. This is an eye’s natural reflex to close when something is close to it. Therefore, your cat might blink, or at least squint, whenever something may be heading towards their face.

Co Cats Blink Like Humans?

Cats rarely blink in the same way we do, because they have a nictating membrane, or a third eyelid, that rapidly and regularly moves across the eye to clear debris.  This allows cats to get the benefits of blinking without ever closing their eyes.

Understanding Cat’s Eyes

Cats have tear ducts like humans that help keep the eye moist. But, instead of closing the eyelids to blink, cats use their third eyelid, which is usually barely visible and you’re unlikely to catch your cat using it to blink.

What Does This Third Eyelid Do?

The third eyelid moistens and protects the cat’s eye from irritants.  It does this by very quickly moving across the eye.