How Long Can A Cat Ride In A Car? Everything You Need To Know!

How Long Can A Cat Ride In A Car?

In theory, as long as your kitty has its basic needs met, like water, food, and litter box, it can travel for an extended period of time.

Each cat will react to road trips differently, but it’s also understandable that sometimes cat parents don’t have a choice but to take their kitty on a long drive, either because they’re moving from one state or country to another.

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Carrier?

The best way to make your cat’s stay in a carrier more tolerable, especially during a prolonged time, is by choosing a large-size carrier or crate with enough space to satisfy these basic needs.

Are Long Car Rides Bad For Cats?

If they have food, water, a litter box, and enough room in their carrier to stretch and stand upright, then a longer trip with appropriate breaks can be tolerable.