How Do Cats Choose Their Human? (Plus How To Recognize Your Cat Loves You)

There are three main reasons how cats usually choose their favorite human:  1. Early bonding         2. Communication    3. Personality        

How Cats Chose Humanity

The socialization period of cats begins to decline by the 7-9 week of age.  During this period, exposure to people prevents the feeling of fear in cats.  The best time to bond with a cat is from her young age.

1. Early Bonding

Cats pay attention to our moods, and they can see when we’re showing positive or negative signs. For you and your cat to have a good relationship, you need to bring positivity to the relationship and also adapt to her style of communication.

2. Communication

Understanding your cat’s behavior is key to keeping her happy in your home.   It’s important that her happiness is not only achieved by nourishment, but also by providing her with security, comfort, and attention.

3. Personality

  Some of the most common   signs a cat shows when she   loves humans are:    1.Purring    2. A straight tail    3. Following you around    4. Relaxed muscles, blinking    slowly while next to you

How To Recognize Your Cat Loves You?

Give your cat some time; wait for her to start trusting you. Get to know her personality, and her way of signaling affection. Show her your love with providing her with activities, playtime, treats, and attention.

How Can You Become Your Cat’s Favorite Human