How And When To Change Bedding After Cat Gives Birth?

It’s generally a good idea to change the bedding immediately after your cat gives birth, especially if the bedding is soiled or there is any blood.   It’s also a good idea to clean and sanitize the area where your cat gave birth.

When To Change Bedding After Cat Gives Birth?

• Clean, soft towels or blankets

What Kind Of Bedding Is Good For A Cat That Has Given Birth Recently?

• Disposable training pads

• Clean, soft rags or cloths

1. Gather clean towels, a dry blanket, and a garbage bag for the old bedding

Steps To Change Bedding After Cat Gives Birth

2. Remove the old bedding

3. Wash your hands

4. Place the new bedding

5. Return the mother and kittens to the bedding

6. Check on the mother and kittens regularly

1. Keep the area clean and dry

Caring For Momma Cat After She Gives Birth

2. Provide plenty of food and water

3. Observe the mother and kittens

4. Keep the mother and kittens separate from other pets

5. Spay or neuter the mother

1. Handling the kittens too much

Things To Avoid

2. Disturbing the nest too frequently

3. Giving the mother cat any medications without consulting a vet

4. Introducing new pets until the kittens are old enough to be vaccinated

5. Removing the kittens from the mother too soon