House Cats and Bobcats… What Are The Differences?

House Cats and Bobcats… What Are The Differences?

The biggest differences between bobcats and domestic cats are size and coat pattern.

House Cats and Bobcats…What Are The Differences?

Size 9 to 10 in tall  Limb Length Standard house cat limbs  Tail Length Usually 12 in  Tail Color Usually the same color as the cat  Coat Color Rare breeds have spots

House Cat

Size 16 and 18 in tall  Limb-length Legs around 30% longer  Tail length  4 to 8 in long  Tail Color  Black on top, with a distinct white spot underneath  Coat color Spotted


An adult bobcat has a distinct spotted coat that helps them blend into its environment.

Bobcats Have Spotted Coats and (Most) House Cats Don’t

That makes the bobcat’s tail one of the more distinguishing features, but that doesn’t make it a surefire solution for identifying bobcats.

Bobcats Have A Short Tail

Yes! Bobcats and house cats are ambush predators willing to adjust their territory based on food availability.

Do Bobcats and House Cats Have Similar Hunting Behaviors?

Bobcats will attack house cats if they’re given a chance. Bobcats are opportunistic hunters and will adjust their food sources based on what’s available to them.

Will Bobcats Attack House Cats?