Finding Out How Long After Deworming A Cat Are The Worms Gone

Worms Should Be Gone Between 3 Days To Three Weeks

Worms in cats should be gone from 3 days to up to 3 weeks after deworming.   Still, there are some factors you should consider when predicting how long your kitten will be completely free of worms.

1. Cat’s General Health

Strong and healthy cats are more likely to be worms-free sooner.  On the other hand, cats with weakened immune systems, and ones that have some additional diseases, might recover from worms for a longer period of time

2. Worms Type

A cat should be roundworms-free up to three weeks after deworming.  On the other hand, cats should be completely free of tapeworms in three days.

3. The Dewormer Type

You need to be aware that using a home remedy for worms is not a guarantee your cat will soon be free of worms.  Therefore, the better idea is always to consult your vet on the type of dewormer that will help your cat sooner and that will be safer for her.

Time Passes, But Worms Are Not Gone

A cat might cat got reinfected!  Maybe you have not isolated your cat from other animals inside your home, or, perhaps she went hunting, and picked up worms once again.  In this case, she'll need to receive a second round of deworming medication.

How Often Should You Deworm Your Cat In General?

Kittens old 3 to 8 weeks should be dewormed every 2 weeks.

The recommended frequency for indoor cats is once every three months.

Cats that spend most of their time outdoors should be dewormed once a month.