Does My Cat Know I Love Her  All You Need To Know

Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

It can be challenging to apply human concepts like love to our cats, and instead, we should focus on the idea of trust.

Do Cats Experience Love?

• Cats release oxytocin   when interacting with   humans   • Felines form   attachments to humans

Do Cats Show Humans Love Different From Cats?

Putting their tails up in the air, rubbing around our legs, and sitting beside us and grooming us are exactly what cats do to each other.

How Can I Show My Cat Love?

We can show love to our cats as they do to us or other felines. That means petting, slow blinks, playtime, and even some attempts at trilling are all on the table.

So How Do We Know Cats Feel Loved?

• Slow blinks   • Spend time around you  • Show you trust   • Bring you gifts   • Rubbing on you   • Vocalizations