Do Declawed Cats Need Scratching Posts And Why Do They Still Scratch?

Do Declawed Cats Need Scratching Posts?

Declawed cats can still enjoy and benefit from scratching posts even without claws.   Scratching behavior is a deeply rooted part of feline behavior.   So – yes, even declawed cats should have access to a scratching post.

Why Do Declawed Cats Still Scratch?

  1. For marking their territory   2. To satisfy their natural    instincts   3. It’s a good way to stretch   4. It’s also super relaxing   5. It could be a part of a    cat’s habit   6. It’s a good way to get out    their energy

What Kind Of Scratching Post Should A Declawed Cat Have?

Cats would mostly like the very popular rope-based scratching posts.

Do Declawed Cats Need Cat Trees?

If your cat has an area in your house that’s only for her, a place to climb, and a place to scratch – she might don’t need a cat tree.  But, if she lacks any of these, a cat tree would be perfect for her.