Do Cats Really Need A Cat Tree And Can They Share One?

Why Cats Need A Cat Tree?

1. To satisfy need for    territory 2. To scratch as much as they    want 3. To get some “gym time” 4. To satisfy their urge to    climb on things

Does Every Cat Want A Cat Tree?

Not all cats are fans of cat trees. Some of them will prefer to hang out on the ground. Every cat owner should recognize their cat’s needs and preferences.

What Are Some Downsides Of Cat Trees?

1. They might be too    expensive 2. Many trees are ugly and    hard to style in living areas 3. Many trees take up too    much space in a home

What Happens If You Don’t Get A Cat Tree?

You might risk having your cat scratching and climbing around things you really don’t want to see your cat on.

Can Cats Share A Cat Tree?

Since cats are territorial, the ideal situation would be to have as many trees as there are cats in a home, but this is probably not possible.  Cats will not be thrilled to share a cat tree, but they will still do it if they have to!

Does It Have To Be A Cat Tree?

If there is enough space in your home for a cat to scratch, climb, and be comfortable, there might be no need for a cat tree.  Still, a cat tree is the most effective way to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts.