Do Cats Kill And Eat Spiders? Everything You Need To Know!

Do Cats Kill And Eat Spiders?

Yes, cats do kill and sometimes eat spiders. They often use them as playthings but may outright kill them while playing or eat them for a tasty snack. Fortunately, most spiders don’t pose a threat to your kitty.

Now, we’ll take a look at why cats eat spiders and why spiders aren’t nearly as dangerous to your cat as some people may think.

• Cats are natural hunters • Cats like to play with them • Spiders are great source of taurine

Cats Don’t Always Eat Spiders Because They Are Hungry

You can find a spider laying around the house after you’ve seen your feline companion playing with it. A cat is going to lose interest in playing if they accidentally kill the spider.

Can a Spider Bite Hurt My Cat?

The average household spider isn’t really dangerous for your cat. Before a spider could bite your cat, it would have to sneak up on it and get past all their fur before getting to the skin.