Do Cats Have Eyelashes Or Not?

Most Cats Do Have Eyelashes

Most cat breeds do have eyelashes.   They are usually not as dark and as long as humans’, and this is the most likely reason why many of you won’t notice them immediately.

Eyelashes Are Easier To Notice In Certain Cat Breeds

Some cats will have more prominent eyelashes. These are usually long-haired cats, such as the Persian Cat, the Balinese, or the Himalayan cat.

Still, There Are Some Cats With No Eyelashes

There are certain breeds that won’t have eyelashes at all.  These are usually hairless cat breeds, such as the Sphynx, Devon Rex, or Bambino.

Why Do Cats Have Eyelashes?

Eyelashes serve as cats eyes’ protectors. Still, since cats also have their fur and whiskers that protect them from dirt and humidity, their eyelashes are not the only protection for their eyes.

Do Cats Eyelashes Require Special Care?

You should keep the area around your cat’s eyes clean. If you notice hairs on your cat’s eyelids seem too long, you shouldn't trim it on your own.   Rather, consult your vet for advice; He will pluck your cat’s eyelashes if necessary.