Do Cats Get Lonely When You Go On Vacation  - Learn About It

Do Cats Get Lonely When You Go On Vacation?

Cats may not feel lonely the same way we think about it, but cats will be upset about losing their routine, which includes you.

Are Cats Social Creatures?

Domestication can change a lot, and despite solo-focused instincts, we’ve all seen how cats can happily live with and even bond with other felines.

Does It Mean Cats Can Feel Loneliness?

If cats are used to spending time with their favorite human and everything that goes with it, they may experience something that we loosely equate to loneliness.

What Does “Loneliness” In Cats Look Like?

• Urinating outside the box  • Destructive behavior   • Extra vocalizations  • Grooming too much

How To Help Your Cats When You Go On Vacation

• Keep your cat at home   • Consider TV, music, and     other background noises  • Help your cat stay mentally    stimulated