Do Cat Eat Birds?

Do Cat Eat Birds?

Do Cat Eat Birds?

Cats do eat birds. As obligate carnivores, hunting for meat is how cats survive and birds are definitely on the menu.

The Hunting Behavior Of Cats

Domestic house cats are highly skilled predators and outdoor cats living near or adjacent to natural areas are likely to prey on many of our natural neighbors.

Is It Safe For My Cat To Eat A Bird?

Cats that are especially not used to eating birds or other prey they catch can be in danger of food poisoning.

The Environmental Impact Of Cats Killing Birds

Bird hunting doesn’t only impact the health of our furry friends, but also the lives of birds and their population.

How To Stop My Cat Killing Birds?

• Alter Your Cat’s     Feedings  • Turn Hunting Into Play  • Keep Your Cat Indoors  • Leash Walking