Do Cats Chase & Eat Squirrels? Let’s Find Out!

Do Cats Chase & Eat Squirrels?

Cats will chase and eat a squirrel if they have access to it, but the effort and energy required to catch the squirrel may be more than what the cat is willing to offer.

Can Cats Even Catch Squirrels?

Cats can reach a speed of up to 30mph, while squirrels can reach speeds up to 20mph. That difference in speed means that a cat is likely fast enough to catch a squirrel.

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Let Your Cat Catch And Eat Squirrels

• Risk of illness and disease • Risk of choking • Risk of tearing or impaction of the digestive tract due to bones • Risk of poisoning • Risk of injury from the squirrel

How To Stop Cats From Catching Squirrels

• Bell attachments on collars • Keep your cat indoors • Keep your cat active with playtime

Should I Worry If My Cat Catches And Kills A Squirrel?

It is normal behavior for a cat to chase and kill a squirrel. As predatory animals, cats will naturally want to chase a squirrel, and they will most likely at least taste the squirrel.

Can Squirrels And Cats Ever Get Along?

While there is evidence of particular cats and squirrels getting along and living harmoniously, it is not something that should be expected.

Will Having A Cat Keep Squirrels Out of My House?

The presence of a cat is unlikely to keep a squirrel away from your house, but the squirrel will likely adjust its behaviors to avoid coming into contact with the cat as much as possible.