5 Cat Tail Questions Answered!


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What Is A Cat’s Tail Made Of?

A cat’s tail is actually made of a series of small bones called vertebrae which are the same type of bones that make up the spinal column.


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How Many Bones Do Cats Have In Their Tails?

Not all cats have the same number of bones in their tails and the exact number can vary, but most cats have between 19 and 21 bones.


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Do Cats Feel Pain In Their Tails?

Yes! While it might seem somehow detached from their body a cat’s tail is extremely sensitive and contains several nerves that extend from the spinal column.


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Can Cats Live Without Tails?

Yes, cats can live without tails! While tails help our cats balance by acting as a counterweight, felines can adapt and learn to live without them.


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Do Cats Control Their Tails?

Yes, cats do have full control of their tails but some movements may be made involuntarily- or at least without conscious effort.