Can You Put Essential Oils In The Litter Box - Learn About It!

Can You Put Essential Oils In The Litter Box?

No, you shouldn’t add essential oils to a litter box in order to improve the smell. Essential oils are extremely toxic to cats.

Why Are Essential Oils Toxic To Cats?

Essential oils are metabolized in the liver, and cats lack a crucial enzyme in their liver that would allow them to process and eliminate essential oils.

Why Do Some People Recommend Using Essential Oils In Litter Boxes?

Litter boxes stink, and essential oils smell good. You also think that only a few drops won’t be a problem. But it will be.

Essential Oil Diffusers Aren’t Any Better

Essential oil diffusers can actually be worse than directly placing essential oils in the litter box

3 Essential Oil Alternatives For Handling Litter Box Smells

1. Diet can help manage smelly stool                2. Keep the litter box clean  3. Cover up or neutralize the smell with cat safe products