Can You Put A Litter Box In The Garage?

Can You Put A Litter Box In The Garage?

The garage is usually dark and can get too hot or cold depending on the season. This can affect the state of the litter, and your cat’s litter box behavior.

What Do You Need To Know About Litter Box Placement?

It’s essential to understand what a successful litter box location looks like through the lens of your cat’s eyes.

1. Avoid Dark Places

Unless you have a window in your garage or an open light constantly glowing, complete darkness could make it difficult for a cat to navigate safely and reach its litter box.

2. Avoid High-Traffic Areas

Cats don’t want their litter box to be placed in an isolated area, but they also need a sense of safety when they use it.

3. Don’t Keep The Litter Box Next To Food or Water

You must avoid placing the litter box next to their food and water! Cats wouldn’t do their business in the wild next to water sources to prevent contamination, and the same goes for food.

Is It Safe To Keep My Cat’s Litter Box In The Garage?

• Your car can be fangerous • Hazardous items and materials

What Are The Benefits Of Placing Your Cat’s Litter Box In The Garage?

• The smell management • Keeping the litter box away from your dog • Make the garage a social area • Don’t neglect the litter box