Can You Put A Litter Box High Up - Let’s Find Out!

You can place a litter box in an elevated location as long as cats can easily reach it and the litter box is secure.

Can You Put A Litter Box High Up?

Secure The Litter Box

How you secure the box will depend on the location but for any sort of shelving or smooth surface, Command Strips are a great place to start. I suggest the velcro version.

Make Sure There’s Room To Safely Land

As a general guideline, ensure enough free space in front of the box equal to the length of your cat. More is better, but that’s the minimum you should look for.

Don’t Go Too High

The higher up you got, the greater risk of a potential problem but there’s still no hard and fast rule of what’s too high.

Why Place The Litter Box Somewhere High?

To prevent pets and children from accessing the litter box - going for a higher spot can control access for both kids and pups, but so can many other options.