Can A Cat Live In One Room  - All You Need To Know

Can A Cat Live In One Room?

While it’s certainly not recommended, a cat could live in one room as long as it’s large enough to have all they need as food and water with a separate space for litterbox.

How Much Space Do Cats Need?

At least a 12′ by 12′ room, but  it’s more important to make sure that our feline friends get the love, attention, and stimulation they need to be healthy.

Do Some Cats Prefer to Stay In One Room?

It’s possible for some cats to consider a specific room part of their home base and prefer to spend more time there.

Should You Leave A Cat In One Room Or Is It Cruel?

If cats have all their needs met, they can comfortably live and thrive in small spaces including a single room.

Can Two Cats Live In One Room Together?

The biggest difference between one and two cats is the issue of territory and both cats will need the opportunity to establish a specific area that’s their own.