Can Cats Give Birth Days Apart Everything You Need To Know

Can Cats Give Birth Days Apart

Yes, kittens can be born on different days, and it’s relatively common for cats to pause their labor. Cats can stop labor for up to 24-36 hours, but many can go longer.

3 Reasons Why Cats Might Pause While Giving Birth

• Your cat needs a break  • Her owner left or something else changed • A kitten is stuck in the birth canal

What Should I Do If My Cat Stops Pushing During Labor?

There isn’t much that you can do at home to help your cat with pushing during labor. Pressing down on her or trying to guide the kitten out might do more harm than good.

What To Expect When Delivering Kittens

The first kitten might take as long as sixty minutes to be born, but the ones that follow usually come a little faster- within 15 minutes of each other.

How Do I Know if My Cat Has Finished Giving Birth?

The clearest signs are lack of contractions from your cat, easily seen in the muscle of her stomach. Look also for other changes in your cat’s behavior that suggest she’s done giving birth.

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